Camille Minichino - Mystery Novels


The Periodic Table Mysteries

In this series, Dr. Gloria Lamerino, retired physicist back from California, moves into an apartment above a funeral home in Revere, Massachusetts. When she signs on to help the Police Department in science-related homicides, she doesn't realize she may have 118 cases ahead of her.

The Miniature Mysteries

Now that GERALDINE PORTER is retired, she's got more time for her lifelong hobby: dollhouses and miniatures. You'd think the world of shoe-box-size scenes and mini Victorians would be trouble free, but when murder hits her small California town, Gerry and her ten-year-old granddaughter, Maddie, are on the case, sniffing out clues and dealing justice.
As a bonus, each book in the series includes tips for making miniatures.
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The Professor Sophie Knowles Mysteries

The PROFESSOR SOPHIE KNOWLES mysteries (previously written as Ada Madison) feature a college math teacher at small New England campus. Sophie's crew includes her boyfriend and medevac helicopter pilot, Bruce Granville, and her best friend and bead-shop owner, Ariana Volens, plus a whole campus full of interesting faculty, students, and administrators to enrich—and sometimes endanger—Sophie's life.
As a bonus, each book in the series includes brainteasers and puzzles, along with their solutions, suitable for puzzle lovers at all levels.
This series is now released by Crossroad Press:

The Postmistress Mysteries

In the Postmistress mysteries, CASSIE MILLER returns to her hometown in western Massachusetts to take over duties as postmistress. While she's adjusting to life in a small town, she faces challenges brought on by her friendship with the chief of police.
As a bonus, each book in the series includes fun facts and stories about the USPS.

The Alaskan Diner Mysteries

“Elizabeth Logan” writes about Charlotte “Charlie” Cooke, owner of a diner in Elkview, Alaska. Though the town is small and doesn't exist, it has more than its share of murder and mayhem. Special appearances by moose, mousse, and murder.
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The Sister Francesca Mysteries

KILLER IN THE CLOISTER is the first in the Sister Francesca series.

It's the fall of 1965 when 28-year-old Sister Francesca leaves her small town convent in upstate New York to study theology at a large university in the Bronx. She expects to face demanding professors and challenging classes; she doesn't expect to become entangled in the controversies surrounding Vatican II. What she least expects is involvement in the mysterious death of her new Superior, Mother Ignatius. In the process of investigating her Superior's murder, Sister Francesca risks her life and must come to terms with the changing world around her, a challenge to both her faith and her vows.