Camille Minichino - Other Works

First - Person Articles

A Winning Combination DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Magazine, May/June 2010
I Left My Heart Far From San Francisco MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL, Winter 2008-2009
Celebrating Communitas Fordham University e-newsletter, March, 2008
It's Academic (Revisited) MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL, Winter 2006-2007
RR Did It in the Library MYSTERY READERS JOURNAL, Fall 2005
The Yearbook Updated REUNIONS Magazine, June/July 2004
"A Name of His Own" Ms. Magazine, November, 1996.
"The Boston Braves" Elysian Fields Quarterly, April, 1993.

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"Writing Mysteries: Ten Tips That Work."
"Writing Mystery Series: Ten Tips That Work"

Short Stories

Plenty of Fish in The Creek, Newfront Publications on-line, August, 1997

Last Rights Cover


Last Rights, Vermont Ink, Winter 1999


Now available in digital form at: or