The Professor Sophie Knowles Mysteries
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SOAnimated gif Camille has published over 20 novels and many short stories and nonfiction articles.

As Camille Minichino, she's published 8 Periodic Table Mysteries, featuring retired physicist GLORIA LAMERINO. The latest is a re-issue of THE HELIUM MURDER on Kindle.
As Margaret Grace, she's published 7 novels in the Miniature Mysteries series, featuring miniaturist GERALDINE PORTER and her 11-year-old granddaughter, Maddie. The latest is MADNESS IN MINIATURE from Perseverance Press.
As Ada Madison, she's published 4 novels in the Professor Sophie Knowles Mysteries, featuring college professor SOPHIE KNOWLES. The latest is ThE QUOTIENT OF MURDER from Berkley Prime Crime.

Camille received her Ph.D. in physics from Fordham University, New York City. She is currently on the faculty of Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Camille is on the board of NorCal Sisters in Crime. She's a member of NorCal Mystery Writers of America and the California Writers Club.

Square Root of Murder Probability of Murder The Function of Murder The Quotient of Murder

The PROFESSOR SOPHIE KNOWLES mysteries feature a college math teacher at small New England campus. Sophie's crew includes her boyfriend and medevac helicopter pilot, Bruce Granville, and her best friend and bead-shop owner, Ariana Volens, plus a whole campus full of interesting faculty, students, and administrators to enrich—and sometimes endanger—Sophie's life.
As a bonus, each book in the series includes brainteasers and puzzles, along with their solutions, suitable for puzzle lovers at all levels.

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